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Why should you pay more when mass-produced beer is readily available and is also cheaper?
We have noticed that South Africans are growing tired of the usual, mass-produced beers that are generally available to the public.  Micro-brewed beer is richer, healthier, tastier and more complex than commercial beer that has been pasteurised (boiled) and is not naturally carbonated.  Rather drink one or two of our real beers than a six pack of the mass produced, diluted and unsatisfying alternatives.
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What if the beer goes “off”? 
Unfortunately, the reality is that in any production process, things can go wrong.  Any beer is at risk of infection.  We only use fragrance-free bleach to clean, sterilise and disinfect our equipment (not soap or other detergents).  We have been brewing beer for over 7 years and know what precautions to take to ensure that batches do not fail.  In the unlikely event of a failure, we offer you a 200% replacement guarantee!  We will replace your beer free of charge AND refund you for your purchase.  Simply return the beer to us with the original botle and packaging to the shop where you purchased the beer with your contact details.  We are that confident in our production process.
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Is this legal?  Seems like bootlegging to me!
Micro-brewing is perfectly legal in South Africa.  In Gauteng, any liquor production and/or sale is regulated by the Gauteng Liquor Act (2003) that was implemented in 2004.  This is applicable where beer is produced commercially i.e. for sale directly to the public.  In this case, the liquor producer not only requires a Liquor license, but also specific production facilities that have been inspected and approved by a Health Inspector and are situated appropriately.  We sell our beer through licensed and certified liquor stores and restaurants.  At present we brew in a factory under a Microbrewer Manufacturing license in partnership with Three Stags Brewery (TSB) in Jetpark that meets all regulatory and health criteria.
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Do you make other types of alcohol?
At this stage, we only make beer.  We do appreciate good wines, whiskeys etc. but do not have the desire to make these.  We have not tried our hand at making mampoer, witblitz, moonshine etc. either.  The processes used to make these spirits can be very dangerous as the initial by-product produced is pure methanol (CH3OH).  Great for anti-freeze, solvents and fuel but deadly for us humans.  Ethanol (CH3CH2OH) however, is our friend!
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Can you make a light (lite) or low-alcohol beer?
At the moment, we are not making any low-alcohol beer or zero-alcohol beer.  There have been a number of requests but we will assess the demand in the coming months.  It is unlikely that we will ever make beers with an alcohol content below 4% or above 5.5%.  It just tastes funny!
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Have another question?  Contact us and we will respond personally to you.
  • We support responsible drinking!  Beer is there to be enjoyed.
  • Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health.
  • We do not provide beer to persons under the age of 18.
  • Please don't drink and drive.  Enjoy your brew at home!

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